Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Moon: The Original

The new moon is tomorrow, and so is a new dawn. I started this blog with the concept of zep tepi in mind, the idea that every moment is the First Time, and that we have the power to be the authors of our lives. We are responsible for our own creation, for without conscious thought and will, we are in danger of becoming steel grey robots who have red, blue and green buttons (press blue to eat, red to sleep). I still believe in the concept of zep tepi, but I have begun to discard what I used to do with zep tepi, which was to categorize it, and use it only in reference to specific myths, themes or meanings related to Egypt. I still hold a dear place in my heart for Egypt, and Egyptian religion, for it has taught me many things about myself, but it is not really my path anymore. I am a seeker, one who must always search, no matter how far or how strange the journey, for if I do not follow my heart, then I will not be content. I do not know why the gods of Ancient Egypt have stopped calling to me, or if it is only through my own negligence, but that particular door to the Divine has been abruptly stopped by the doorman who knows what I want better than I do. This was not meant to be a confession post, but a post that firmly states my intention to remain true to my heart and my spirit, wherever they may take me upon my spiritual journey. The new moon is calling to me, it beckons of rebirth and renewing my spirit, to walk in the woods and feel the earth, the sun, the wind. Spring is here, and I am being reborn.

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