Friday, February 26, 2010

The Mechanics of Faith

Religion isn't something that can be easily described, and sometimes miracles happen which can only be taken as leaps of faith. I have no idea why I am spiritually inclined, why I pray and offer things to deity. Lately I have been experiencing moments of pure contentment, because things are working out slowly but surely in my life. Yet....where does Netjer play into that?

Yes, we pray. And sometimes our prayers are answered and life is cupcakes with pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles. Sometimes they are not, and we have to practice something not often talked about: forgiving deity. We must accept that said deity did not want to/could not (whichever view of deity you ascribe to) answer your prayer, and that you must move on. My point is not to wonder how the prayer gets answered, how do we know if it really is god. My point in writing this (scrambled and stream of thought) post is to meditate is this: How do we know that our deities are really there?

Answered prayers are often seen as signs that deity is present.
Unexpected fortunate events can be taken this way.
A raised salary, a new job, a new boyfriend can impress upon a person that deity is making it rain gold on that person's specific head.

But when you are sitting in front of your shrine and looking at the images of your deities, when you part your lips to pray, how do you know They are listening?