Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Movement As Offering

Tonight I have danced for Amun. Simple, but it was profoundly moving. :) I put on some of the recent music I have been listening to (excluding my calming Zen chants) and started to move. The movements I made were not prescribed dance moves, although I have taken a couple of dance classes in my life. These movements came from the heart, and when the music expressed rage, I danced rage, I felt it pound through me and into my body, and I released it with my body. I felt emotions, more volatile and beautiful than I have felt recently, what with school starting back up again, and my near OCD routine starting up again.

Dancing tonight fed my ka, and I am satisfied and happy. That is a way that I can honor my Beloved, and get a workout at the same time. Dance is obviously made up of movement, something that is expressed in the present, then let go as the movement flows into another moment. This is what it means to be Beloved of the Hidden One.

Dua Amun!

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  1. I feel this same way when I dance for Hethert. Its like finding a power you didnt know you had.