Monday, November 30, 2009

Starting Over Again: Part I

Today, I did the ritual of Senut. It sounds like a small step because those who practice Kemetic Orthodoxy around the world perform it as well. That is the point. It is a ritual written by Hemet(AUS) that is personal and enables us to follow and worship/revere/honor (pick whichever) our gods in a way that respects the ancient precepts of the faith.

I didn't offer much in terms of physical offerings, but the offerings I made were from the heart and made with good intentions. I actually felt more pure and calm after performing Senut, more at peace with myself and the world*. Doing Senut was a small step, but it felt like a big effort. I got out of bed to start the day at my usual time, fully expecting to skip my photography class, but I made it on time--I had only spent maybe ten minutes in shrine, whereas I think I was expecting it to take a lot longer than that. Why?

Because I didn't know that Senut would feel like coming home again. I knelt in front of the statues of my gods, and was happy. I spoke with Them about many things, and about a strange dream I had. My problems were solved throughout the day, and sometimes all it took was a brief flashback to the feeling of peace and ma'at I felt during Senut. Then I would gather my will and carry on with the day. A small step for myself, a giant leap for me.

Before, my ideas were just that. Ideas. It feels so good to finally get off my butt and DO something about the ideas, the wishes and wants. I am fulfilling myself, step by step. And this is only the first.

I have purchased two books on Japan, one is a generic phrase book (the cover looked pretty) and the second is a slim guide on the etiquette and customs expected in Japan. I feel like this is a small but solid step toward my goal of going to Japan and wandering around all the Buddhist temples there. I also bought a small chunk of lapis for Amun, for whom I will do Senut on Friday. :)

Small accomplishments mean a lot today.

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