Thursday, November 26, 2009

Spiritual Calender

I've heard of religious/devotional calenders before, and have always felt that my spirituality shouldn't be confined-that something that makes my spirit feel free shouldn't be confined to a day of the week, or a time of the month.

Recently I've reconsidered. I think it's a good idea. High school is hectic, what with all these due dates, and friends to keep track of, and a certain boy to keep at bay. I don't even have a job, or bills to pay, and I haven't done Senut in over a MONTH!

Now I've made a calender:

Monday-Senut for both Taweret and Djehuty
Wednesday-honoring Odin, Rune casting or something. I haven't quite figured this out, but I know that He needs to be in there somewhere.
Thursday-Senut for Djehuty
Friday-Senut for Taweret (I was born on a Friday, and I owe Her my life, literally. So She gets the day of my birth)
Sunday-Senut for Amun (I thought this would be slightly ironic and humorous, since Sunday is when every devout Catholic goes to church and says "Amen" after prayer).

As you might notice, Tuesday and Saturday have nothing scheduled. I don't have my Akhu in there because I'm not ready to deal with anyone other than gods right now. I think doing Senut four times a week is a lot, especially since I might need to skip my seven o'clock Photography class to do it. Maybe I will just do Senut three times a week, and have it look like this:

Monday-Senut for Djehuty
(for some reason I feel like Dad should start off the school week ;)
Wednesday-Odin's day, reserved for contemplation of the Runes and His words. We'll see.
Friday-Senut for Taweret
(as stated above, were it not for my Mother, I wouldn't even be alive. Her day of honor is on the week day of my birth then.)
Sunday-Senut for Amun

I think this works better, with Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays to just honor spontaneously. Or maybe I should just have a Mother and Father Senut on Monday, then Wednesday for Odin, and on Fridays do Senut for Amun.

Clearly the idea of a spiritual calender is a lot more confusing than I thought it would be.

Ok, one last try:

Monday-Senut for both my Parents.
Tuesday-no special practices
Wednesday-Odin's day.
Thursday-no special practices
Friday-Senut for Amun
Saturday-maybe offerings to my Akhu?
Sunday-a day of REST.

There. I've done it. :) Now to keep it.

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